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The 4stHEAD package is a sophisticated valvetrain design, engine tuning, and design for manufacturing package. It is currently used by over 70 engine and valvetrain design groups worldwide. The main users groupings of our clients are:


Cars: Formula 1, formula 3, LeMans sports cars, World and national Touring Cars, Super V8, NASCAR (seven of the top nine teams), NHRA dragsters, Formula Nippon, Japan Formula Dream, Japan Grand Touring Car Championship, World Rally Championship, British Hill Climb Championship, production automobile manufacturers, after-market automobile specialists and component suppliers.

Motorcycles: MotoGP, World and AMA Superbike and Supersport, SuperMoto motorcycles, World Trials motorcycles, production motorcycle manufacturers, specialist engine manufacturers, after-market component specialists, historic racing motorcycle teams, FIM and AMA Motocross and Supercross, FIM Speedway.

General: engineering R&D consultants, universities, major camshaft manufacturers (ten to be precise), marine engine manufacturers, right down (horse-power-wise!) to the makers of industrial engines for agricultural and similar low-powered products.



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