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COOLING FINS is part of the 4stHEAD design software suite.  

Examples of the air-cooling of the cylinders of an engine can be found in industrial engines and in motorcycles, to cite but two examples. The design of finning for air-cooled engines has been aided by the publication of research work by Thornhill et al in a SAE paper 2003-32-0034 which links back to, and is compatible with, previously published data on aircraft engines by NACA some 60 years ago.

This program which is within the 4stHEAD suite of programs takes the approach given by these authors for the heat transfer coefficients of air-cooled fins and expands that into a design program for the heat dissipated from the finned cylinder head and the cylinder barrel of an aircooled 4-stroke engine as a function of that supplied by the combustion of the fuel or as related to the work output of the engine.

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