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TWO-VALVE SIDE VALVE HEAD, and THREE-VALVE SIDE VALVE HEAD are two separate parts of the 4stHEAD design software suite.  

Side valve engines have the valves on the side of the cylinder rather than above it. Such engines are literally made by the millions and mostly rather cheaply and of a relatively good build-quality with respect to an ohv automotive engine. The 3-valve design has an advantage over the 2-valve design in that there is not a hot exhaust valve at the cylinder bore edge to cause bore distortion. Such bore distortion results in high oil consumption rates and increased HC emissions.

These programs analyse the geometrical layout of a 2-valve and 3-valve Side Valve Cylinder Head. They permit the basic design of the side valve cylinder heads in that the physical sizes of the valves and combustion chambers are determined with respect to the dynamic motion of the valves. The combustion chamber volume and surface area are also calculated.

In depth information pages aid the user with all information required to design engine cylinder heads of this type.

2-Valve Input Data Screens from the Information Section
2-Valve Output Data Screens from the Information Section
3-Valve Input Data Screens from the Information Section
3-Valve Output Data Screens from the Information Section

Downloading the AVI file below may take several minutes due to its size
Play an AVI animation of a 2-valve Side Valve Engine (1031kb)



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