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EXHAUST VALVE DESIGN, INTAKE VALVE DESIGN and DUCT DESIGN are three separate parts of the 4stHEAD design software suite.  

Here, the design of the exhaust or intake valves is carried out in some detail in terms of the geometry of the engine cylinder and head and with respect to imported static or dynamic valve lift files from programs VALVE LIFT DESIGN and VALVE TRAIN ANALYSIS.

The valve opening event and the location of peak valve lift (essential information for camshaft manufacture) can be found and the basic breathing of the valves assessed through their time-area analysis with respect to the torque and power that the cylinder could ultimately produce at a given engine speed.

The valve lift file at a designed valve lash (tappet clearance) can be exported in the format specifically required not only for the VIRTUAL ENGINES™ simulation code (Optimum Power Technology, Pittsburgh), but in several other export formats as well.

The Duct Design program is somewhat akin to a combination of the Exhaust Valve Design and Intake Valve Design programs. But it is much more than that as the intake duct and exhaust ducts can be empirically optimised as well to tune the engine at the selected engine speed of the target peak power characteristic. Further, imported static valve lift files can be manipulated internally in the new program with both lift and lift duration multipliers so that target specific time areas can be matched with some precision. Even the bellmouth at the end of the intake ducting is designed here and its manufacturing data can be filed as output. This is undoubtedly one of the most important and powerful design programs within the 4stHEAD suite.

Output graphics from the Exhaust and Intake Valve design programs
Help files on time-area for both programs
Some input variables required for each program
Information on the Duct Design Programs



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