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VALVE LIFT DESIGN is part of the 4stHEAD design software suite. The designer starts with either a clean sheet or an existing filed lift profile design.  

Deduction of the design of any valve lift motion from a file of measured valve lift data can also be achieved using this program.

There are three methods of computation used:
1. HMB or Hermann/McCartan/Blair method
2. GPB1 or G. P. Blair method 1
3. GPB2 or G. P. Blair method 2
The HMB method uses a combination of trigonometric and polynomial equations to create a valve lift characteristic with a choice of cosine, acceleration or constant velocity ramps, while the two GPB methods use an acceleration diagram integration procedure.

All methods feature sophisticated smoothing techniques. This means that a designer's needs for a required, or even an unusual, valve lift profile can be satisfied.

These programs design the static valve lift in order to get the correct valve ramp, lift, velocity, acceleration and jerk characteristics. The output file can be stored and used in the CAM MANUFACTURE, DYNAMIC VALVE TRAIN ANALYSIS, 4 VALVE HEAD LAYOUT, 2 VALVE WEDGE HEAD LAYOUT and the VALVE DESIGN programs (5-10 and 12-13) to determine the cam manufacturing data with a given cam follower; the dynamic performance of the entire valve train; the design of the exhaust and/or intake valve in terms of their time-areas with respect to the geometry of the valve and valve seats in a cylinder of a given size; respectively.

HMB Method for valve lift design
Graphical output from the GPB valve lift design program
Graphical output from valve lift design using a measured lift file
Graphical output from the GPB2 valve lift design program



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